Al-Thumama Stadium


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Doha, Qatar


Esparlous AB


136,700 m²


2019 - 2022



Project Overview

Our involvement in the construction of the Al-Thumama Stadium, located at Doha, Qatar that was being built to be one of the main venues to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup was focusing on several key bim services. We provided support, in coordination with other project teams Additionally, we assisted in creating detailed shop drawings to aid construction planning on-site.

Furthermore, our team played an important in developing Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) documentation to meet international standards. Detail design and modeling were also part of our responsibilities, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal were met.

Our dedication to quality and attention to detail guided our contributions, reflecting our commitment to enhancing the stadium’s construction process. The Al-Thumama Stadium project underscores our collaborative approach and commitment to delivering results that meet our clients’ needs with every LOD.

Following the World Cup, the stadium was going to undergo a transformation, transitioning into residential units and buildings. This shift necessitated detailed as-built plans to document the modifications accurately. Our expertise in creating as-built documentation played a role in this phase, ensuring that the transition from a sporting venue to a residential complex was executed seamlessly and in compliance with regulatory standards. 

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