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Ateba Villa Garden Completed

Location  Mazandaran Province, Iran

Client  Private

Area  320 m²

Year  2021

BIM Integrated Modelling, Design




UI Designer


Jun 2020


UI Design, Development

Designing a villa in Chalus, Mazandaran Province, requires careful consideration of the local climate, topography, and cultural context. Located on the Caspian Sea coast, Chalus enjoys a mild and humid climate with lush green forests, rolling hills, and pristine beaches. The villa should blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings while providing a comfortable and functional living space for the occupants. The villa's architectural style should've reflected the vernacular architecture of the region. In the villa's exterior, we tried to feature local materials, such as wood, stone, and concrete, to create a sense of continuity with the landscape.

The villa's layout had to prioritize privacy, views, and natural light. The main living areas should have faced the sea and the forest, with large windows and sliding doors that could be opened to connect the interior with the exterior. The interior design was to be simple, elegant, and functional, with a focus on natural materials and textures. The furniture had to be comfortable and durable, with a mix of traditional and modern styles that reflect the local culture and the owner's taste. Overall, for the design of the villa, we tried to give a thoughtful and respectful response to the local context, climate, and culture while providing a comfortable and sustainable living space for the occupants.

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