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Norouzi Building Completed

Location  Tehran, Iran

Client  Private

Area  4700 m²

Year  2016

BIM Integrated Modeling, Design,  Construction




UI Designer


Jun 2020


UI Design, Development

The Story of Space

When designing any space, the story of the people who'll live there will be important. According to their story and culture, it is possible to predict their expectations from the space and satisfy their needs. Every space has a story, and to continue the old story in the new space, you have to get a sense of the previous space. The most important part in the design of Norouzi Building is its balconies. It's a way to unify the sense of the villa owners who once lived in this neighborhood and now continue their story in this apartment. An apartment with green and friendly balconies that maintain a connection with the outside space is an answer to avoid the isolation of living in an apartment.

Interior Design

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