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Kavosh Rayan Pardaz Headquarters Completed

Location  Tehran, Iran

Client  Kavosh Rayan Pardaz

Area  600 m²

Year  2017


The main challenge of this project is to create brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials that communicate clearly achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic. beauty and technical performance.




UI Designer


Jun 2020


UI Design, Development

In this project, which was a dense work environment, we used stretched spaces that are divided by glass or opaque glass partitions, which separated the space where needed but also prevented the limitation of eye views. By choosing light-colored materials and glass, we were able to reduce the sense of density and made the space appear wider. Our other solution was to optimize the design of each piece of furniture for proper placement and use every corner of the space. And as the result, in addition to being a professional workspace, regardless of separated rooms, there was also a coziness to the interior space. Also, with this type of space design, we were able to allocate an environment for resting and playing, which would be refreshing and would Make the workplace friendlier, and would increase moral.

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