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Hampstead Manor Completed

Location  London, England

Client  Private

Area  15,000 m²

Year  2019

BIM Integrated Modeling




UI Designer


Jun 2020


UI Design, Development

The Hampstead Manor project in London, UK is a prime example of how BIM can be used to create a comprehensive and efficient construction process. BIM-integrated modeling for the Hampstead Manor project involves using 3D modeling software to create a virtual representation of the building, which includes all aspects of its design, construction, and operation. This model contains data on the building's geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and materials. It is a dynamic and collaborative platform where all stakeholders involved in the project, including architects, engineers, contractors, and owners, can work together and share data in real time.

BIM-integrated modeling for the Hampstead Manor project in London, UK is being used to facilitate communication and collaboration among all parties involved in the project. It enables early detection and resolution of potential design conflicts, provides a more accurate estimation of construction costs, and helps reduce construction waste and delays. The BIM model also serves as a valuable tool for maintenance and future renovation or expansion of the building. Overall, BIM-integrated modeling has proved to be an essential tool for the Hampstead Manor project in London, UK, allowing for a more efficient and cost-effective construction process, increased collaboration, and better quality building outcomes

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