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Fardad Rayan Pardis Office Completed

Location  Tehran, Iran

Client  Fardad Rayan Pardis

Area  300 m²

Year  2016

Interior Design, Construction

The main challenge of this project is to create brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials that communicate clearly achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic. beauty and technical performance.




UI Designer


Jun 2020


UI Design, Development

Fardad was a project with a modern and diverse workspace, in which we allocated the identity color of Lego in each section, to add to its dynamics in addition to the correct division of the space, and to create a sense of belonging in the environment, so in the sales areas we used yellow color and reduced the height of the ceiling to the minimum showcasing the modesty of the service, in the administrative and management departments, taking into account the greater value of the space, we used the colors of the gray spectrum and used the maximum height possible. And finally, with emphasis on customer orientation, we painted the waiting areas white to maintain purity and balance in the color and height.

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