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Technical + Economic Rationale


It is a specialized facet of our consultancy services, where we provide expert analysis and insight into the technical and economic aspects of architectural projects. This service delves into the intricate details of project viability, offering comprehensive assessments that encompass both the technical feasibility and economic rationale behind each endeavor.


Feasibility Studies

Undertake comprehensive feasibility studies to determine the viability of the project, assessing factors such as economic, environmental, and logistical considerations.


Risk Management

Identify potential risks and challenges associated with the project, offering proactive strategies to mitigate and manage these uncertainties effectively.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

Conduct a meticulous cost-benefit analysis to provide clients with a clear understanding of the financial implications associated with different design decisions.


Life Cycle Costing

consider the lifecycle of the project, ongoing operational expenses, maintenance costs, and potential future modifications. provide clients with a clear understanding of the long-term economic implications of their architectural investments.

Value Engineering

Seeking opportunities to optimize project costs without compromising quality or functionality. identify areas where efficiency improvements or alternative solutions can enhance the project's technical performance and economic viability.

Financial Modeling

To project the financial performance of the architectural project over time. creating dynamic models that account for various scenarios, enabling informed decision-making based on potential economic outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate and ensure compliance with local regulations and building codes, providing a framework that adheres to legal requirements and industry standards.


Investment Strategies

Assisting clients in formulating sound investment strategies. provide guidance on securing funding sources, managing financial risks, and optimizing the project's financial structure.

Client Education

Provide transparent and comprehensible insights to empower clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, aligning technical and economic considerations with their overarching goals.

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Producing Technical and Economic Rationale

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