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Revit Family Creation

We Provide Custom BIM Object Creation Services with Speed and Accuracy

As a Custom BIM Object Creation Services provider in Iran, we can create parametric objects from a specification sheet/product cut sheet, 2D CAD drawings, sketches, or even from files provided in AutoCADSolidworksFusion 360InfraWorks3DS MaxSketchUp, etc. We can also convert existing 3D CAD geometry into BIM objects depending on our customer’s requirements.

Our BIM modelers provide generic as well as custom Revit Family Services to Architects, MEP Engineers, Building Product and construction Product Manufacturers and suppliers, Furniture Designers and manufacturers, Equipment and product Manufacturers and suppliers, Facility/Asset Managers, and Fabricators in the format (.rfa, .rvt, .ifc) required for spatial planning, design, cost estimation, product selection, and facility management.


Our experience of custom Revit Family Creation Services in developing, and maintaining over 100,000 custom parametric and non-parametric BIM objects for all types of architectural, structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), and construction elements/components for clients across various sectors.

Revit Family Creaion

We Provide Custom BIM Object Creation Services with Speed and Accuracy


Revit Family Creation Services is the same as writing DNA code for an element. The biggest advantage of a Custom Revit family is that any change to a family is updated and permeated throughout the project file where this particular family is being used. As a result, the biggest benefit is ‘Speed with Accuracy’ (along with the reduced cost of failure).

✔ Quality: It helps to create more accurate models and reduces inconsistency.

✔ Speed: A change made to a particular object propagates throughout the project.

✔ etailed Report: The categorized design elements help with simplifying the construction process.

✔ LOD: Revit can create an object with LOD 100 to LOD 500 level of detailing.

✔ Compliance: Revit family creation ensures BIM models comply with industry standards.

✔ Re-usability: Loadable families are reusable across ongoing projects and in the future.

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