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We provide BIM Consulting Services as per your project's Requirements

At PVADA, we have a specialized team of BIM experts who understand the nitty-gritty of effective implementation of BIM. We work with the client’s objectives and provide key data-driven and implementable expertise/strategy that is necessary to develop or adopt the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

We first understand organizational BIM goals to bridge the gap between the objectives and existing practices, we develop/formulate the required strategy & processes as per industry standards and current practices. With our experience of 200+ projects across various markets/sectors, we understand how to leverage BIM to the fullest.

Let us guide you

Phone Number:

+98 21 26919361 - +98 21 26919439


BIM Consulting Services

Provide data-driven and effective expertise that is necessary to develop or implement the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

Our Process

1. Understand
2. Analyze
3. Outline
4. Train
5. Test
6. Implement

1. Meeting with client to understand their goals and current practices.
2. Review of few past projects to understand execution methodology and drafting practices.
3. Define & document – project workflow, Revit templates, charters, quality checklists, directory structure, file naming convention etc.
4. Deliver functional training on BEP and BIM (Revit) Software.
5. Execute a small pilot project as per defined BIM Execution Plan.
6. Monitor and guide for the live project execution.

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