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Clash Detection


“Clash Detection” as the name suggests, it is about playing a “Detective” role and finding out clashes among trades in the virtual building design model. Any building design comprises mainly five trades/disciplines—Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. To give a simple analogy of a human body with respect to trades/disciplines – Architecture is the skin, MEP is the cardio-vascular system and Structure is the skeleton.

Just like in the human body, all the building systems have to function in-sync to achieve performance and functional expectations in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, operational efficiency, etc.

What is Clash Detection?

Clash detection is the method of identifying and inspecting the various building design interferences which frequently occur during the BIM coordination or Construction Gatekeeping process.Clash detection is like a review process that ensures all building components, assemblies, and trades are in ready-to-be-installed conditions generating no conflicts with other building trades.
Clash detection will only come into the picture when all the building design trades (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and others) are integrated into the BIM model.

Clash Detection

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Navisworks® is a project review software by Autodesk for AEC professionals. It aggregates 3D models for clash detection, visualization, and analysis, facilitating streamlined coordination and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Navisworks® Simulate and Manage software help teams deliver projects effectively. Navisworks Manage includes clash detection and interference management tools plus the core capabilities of Navisworks Simulate for model review, quantification, and coordination.

Working with PVADA will provide you peace of mind because our experts will take care of all construction gatekeeping services including BIM Coordination and clash detection, 4D Scheduling, and others.

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