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What is COBie?

COBie, or Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, is a standardized format for organizing and delivering information about a building’s components and systems. It acts as a digital bridge, connecting design, construction and operation phases by facilitating the exchange of crucial data.

Where is It Used And How is it Integrated With BIM?

COBie finds application across the entire AEC industry, seamlessly integrating with BIM processes. From design to construction, COBie ensures that information flows coherently, enhancing collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers.

How is It Used?

COBie organizes building details neatly in a structured format. This information bridge ensures smooth communication between design and construction, making valuable data easily available for operations and ongoing maintenance of the project.

Components of COBie:

COBie data encompasses a wide range of information, including but not limited to:

+ Instruction
+ Contact
+ Facility Type
+ Floor
+ Type
+ Zone
+ Component
+ System
+ Assembly
+ Connection
+ Spare
+ Resource
+ Job
+ Impact
+ Document
+ Attribute
+ Coordinate
+ Issue


COBie is an essential tool in the BIM industry. By leveraging its capabilities, we can bridge the gap between design and construction, adopting a more efficient, collaborative, and informed approach to building projects. It’s time to not only recognize COBie’s importance but to ensure its correct implementation, unlocking the full potential of this transformative technology in our industry.

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